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  1. Humpy

    Max lvl and max Stat

    i’m afraid that you didn’t...as Grand Resets you haven’t got even one.So you still have long way to go.Every 100 resets is 1 Grand Reset.
  2. Humpy

    Grand opening

    GoodDay! Time has Come 🙂 Server will be Closed at 12:00 PM GMT+1 For Preparation for Opening. Will resume on Opening Time 8:00 PM GMT+1 Dont Forget to Put all your Items in Game Vault to keep it Safe. Bless WampireMU. 🙂
  3. Humpy

    List of banned users

    List of banned users will appear here and will be updated every 24H.That means if you got banned ingame or on forum your ban might not disappear automatically but will be removed at next update of banned list.
  4. Humpy

    Recruiting GM/Helper

    As GM / Helper you can earn WCoins for your own characters based on your activity. Requirements: *Minimum of 3 hours per day for your duties. (better more) *English at medium level. (since server is international) *Previous GM Experience. (not a must) *Ability to improve and work with a team. *Fairness, seriousness, good manners, patience, passion. Things we would like to know: *Real Name: *Age: *Country you live: *Languages you know: *Free hours per day to be online : *Previous GM experience if have: *How can you help Server: *Send your application via PM to Humpy, You should include a small brief about you and also why you want to be a GM / Helper.

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